Looking for a memorable adventure, complete with original libations, fascinating local history and superior customer service? Come on over to Dark Corner Distillery, Greenville’s authentic southern craft distillery and home of The World’s Best Moonshine.

Housed in a building that was constructed during prohibition, Dark Corner Distillery has handcrafted their own, custom made 80 gallon copper pot still and distillation system, visible for all to see. They’ve meticulously replicated the methods and recipes used by the Appalachian settlers who were distilling in these very hills back in the 1700’s – with care and without haste. These pioneers cultivated a unique way of life and a tradition of independence and quality – all of which is evident when you visit the Distillery today.

The nearby region of upstate South Carolina known as the Dark Corner has a deep history, a heritage that was built by settlers retreating into the hills for a better way of life. They lived within the rugged mountains, farmed their own grains and got along with a level of self reliance unique even for their times. And yes, they used those grains not only for sustenance, but also for the production of moonshine, which bestowed the region with quite an outspoken reputation that is still known today.

Located on Main Street in downtown Greenville, Dark Corner Distillery boasts many unique Blue Ridge spirits, setting the stage for an endless array of sippin’ drinks and good times. Sign up for their tour and sample a variety of their whiskeys and specialty spirits. Check out their storefront for Distillery promotional items, Moonshine-infused food pantry goods and local mountain crafts. Or just sit back and enjoy their hospitality.

Dark Corner Distillery exploded onto the craft distillery scene in 2011 and has been producing award-winning spirits ever since. They won the prestigious title of South Carolina Distillery of the year in 2014, and have quickly accumulated a total of 38 awards in just a few years. The founders and their team work with a passion and a dedication to the craft that is unmistakable, and they have been awarded thusly.

But they’re not doing all this for the awards. Their commitment to excellence is rooted in a desire to bring the dark corner back into the light by showcasing the legacy of corn whiskey and their entire line of spirits, presenting them with an unsurpassed drinkability for our modern times. By producing top shelf spirits for all who visit Greenville, they will treat you like family, take you on a journey back in time and give you a chance to tip your hat to where and when it all began.